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It seems that my body is starting to tell me I am old!  I was at one of our datacenters bent over with my elbows resting on my knees reading a IPv6 book when all of the sudden…..POP!  I could barely stand and walking was difficult.  I went over to the lounge and laid down thinking I just twisted wrong and pulled a muscle.  NOPE.  30 minutes later the pain was getting worse.  My boss (Greatest boss in the world BTW!) put me in an office chair and ROLLED me to my car! I made the drive home calling my wife to let her know what was going on.  Unfortunately I had to stop for gas, and experience I how I never have to live through again.

When I got home My wife put me in the bed and gave me some advil and put some ice on it.  The ida was to wait it out and see if it got better.  Well, by Monday it still had not gotten better so we decided to go to the docs office.  My wife runs a surgery center and thankfully her Doc got me in with a neuro doc.  They had to wheel me in to the office and after waiting for about an hour to be seen (Can’t complain, his office was nice enough to “fit me in” that day) he decided I was in too much pain to have an MRI so he prescribed some pain killers and muscle relaxers.

Anyways it ended up that I have ruptured by L3 and L4 disks!  So we will wait through the weekend to see if it gets any better on it’s own.  If not, Looks like Epidural injections……..


——————TO BE CONTINUED—————————-