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Boxtone Mobile Device Manager

Looks like a have found my MDM Server of

Choice! Boxtone

This system brings all your mobile device platforms under one management umbrella. I am in the middle of installation right now and so far I am really enjoying it!


From one console I can view every device the user has enrolled including all Blackberries, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.  I can click on the device and reset the password, or remotely wipe the device!  This is great for the iDevices.  With the out of the box management in Exchange if one of your users forgot his/her password, your only option was to have them wipe the device and start over.  Now you can unlock the device for them from the console!  They will have 1 hour to set a new password before the device locks out again.


Another nice feature I like is all the reporting they give you out of the box.  You can report your entire mobile inventory to one spreadsheet.  All the reporting is “automatable” so you can schedule high level overview reports to go to bosses and upper management.  There’s also reports that show you who is failing attempts to enroll mobile devices.  Boxtone allows you to define who can actually enroll devices.  There is performance reporting so you can see if there are any users that have devices that aren’t used.  You can then retrieve those devices from users that don’t use them, and re-provision them for users that will.  It’s nice to be able to tell a user that just HAD to have an iPad for business use that they have only used the device 2 times in the past 6 months they’ve had it!



Productivity Ninja’s The iPad 2: Ten Best Productivity Uses

I have been debating getting an iPad for a while now.  I already have an iPhone and it does it’s job very well for what I bought it for.  I use Reqal for reminders, lists, and to-dos.  I use Evernote to centralize all my research and notes.  I always try to never buy version one of a product so now that the iPAD2 is out, the decision is a little easier.  I have not received it yet.  Like most others I am waiting for mine ot come in.  In the meantime here is a good article from the Productivity Ninja on 10 of the apps he uses