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1st After Effects Project

This is a first attempt at creating motion graphics using Adobe After Effects CS4.  I followed the Glow tutorial from http://videocopilot.net HERE.  Great site.  The cool thing is that now that I have this in the system it is easy to modify and now that I know the basic concept I can create other videos with glowing images!  I’m working on learning how to place lights next.  This video is VERY unpolished and needs allot of work, but hey, it’s my first one so I was excited!!

Just received first 2 books for Adobe CS4

I just bought After Effects Apprentice, Second Edition by Chris and Trish Myer and Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby

I’ve only had a chance to go through the first couple of pages of each book so I don’t have a full impression of each book yet, but I am exceited to start learning the applications.

I have been blessed with a new oportunity at church doing more media work than audio work so I am hoping these 2 books can get me started.

Of course so far the best resources I have found are Brad Zimmerman’s Church Media Design and Andrew Kramer’s Video Copilot.

I’ll be going through the articles on those sites for Months!