CISCO Contract Types Decoder Ring

by Terry on Dec 17th in Technology

For those of you (like me) who are confused by some of the CISCO support offereings I have tried to define them below: Levels of Service Cisco hardware can be covered from 8x5xNBD to 24x7x2 with either parts only or onsite service. Software can be supported with minor release upgrades to major release upgrades. SNT […]

HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate

by Terry on Jun 23rd in Technology

Received the following error in our UCS Manager tonight: Affected object: sys/pki-ext/keyring-default Description: default Keyring’s certificate is invalid, reason: expired Cause: invalid-keyring-certificate Code: F0910 Turns out the default self signed certificate expires after 1 year To resolve the issue: Verify that both FIs have the correct time.  I use NTP servers for both. UCSM – […]


by Terry on Jun 21st in Personal

It seems that my body is starting to tell me I am old!  I was at one of our datacenters bent over with my elbows resting on my knees reading a IPv6 book when all of the sudden…..POP!  I could barely stand and walking was difficult.  I went over to the lounge and laid down […]

Back to motion graphics

by Terry on Jul 14th in Video

This week I decided to update our Slide for Childrens Church.  The old one was static and I decided to “spruce” it up a bit with some motion graphics.  I used Adobe AE CS 6, Video Copilot’s Optical Flares, and Red Giant’s Trapcode Particular.  I’d like to start doing allot more graphic design!  If you […]


by Terry on Jul 13th in Technology

My son has resently become HEAVILY involved in Minecraft lately and wanted a way for all of us to play together.  I originally had a server setup at the house but after a few power outages and other mishaps, we decided to move the server to an online hosted solution! We decided on Redstone Host due […]

imac 27″

by Terry on Apr 7th in Technology

I just acquired an iMAC 27″.  I acquired a MacBook 17″ about a year ago and have been adding some Apple experience to my bag of tricks.  I didn’t realize it but the 27″ screen can be used as a secondary monitor to the Macbook via a Thunderbolt cable.  I have one on order so […]

Boxtone Mobile Device Manager

by Terry on Jan 20th in Technology

Looks like a have found my MDM Server of Choice! Boxtone This system brings all your mobile device platforms under one management umbrella. I am in the middle of installation right now and so far I am really enjoying it!   From one console I can view every device the user has enrolled including all […]

iPad 2

by Terry on Apr 1st in Technology

Just got my iPad 2 up and running and am making my first test post from it. I’ll let you guys know my thoughts after I have used it for a little while

Productivity Ninja’s The iPad 2: Ten Best Productivity Uses

by Terry on Mar 30th in Technology

I have been debating getting an iPad for a while now.  I already have an iPhone and it does it’s job very well for what I bought it for.  I use Reqal for reminders, lists, and to-dos.  I use Evernote to centralize all my research and notes.  I always try to never buy version one of a […]

Spam Settings in Exchange 2007

by Terry on Mar 11th in Technology

Need help modifying the Spam settings on your SBS server? How to change spam settings on Exchange 2007 / SBS 2008 to enable some / all / more spam to be delivered to an account for analysis – David Overtons Blog – David Overtons Blog and Discussion Site.

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